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Wifinity for home

Let us provide you with what
you have been searching for.
Right to your home, we are able to offer you high-speed internet. Built with the newest technology, we are offering point-to-point internet that will give you the freedom to stream like never before.

Wifinity for Business

For every business, one thing you need
in order to succeed is high speed internet.
Whether you are in the restaurant, retail, farming, or any other industry, our internet has you covered. Wifinity for business is designed with the needs of small business owners in mind. We can help your business thrive.

Wifinty for Business not only provides service that supports your business’ primary needs for internet but can also provide a secondary connection to an already existing connection to provide a backup solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Wifinity best for?

Wifinity Internet is best for anyone who has trouble getting fast internet because they live in remote or rural areas.  It’s great for everyday activities like shopping, education, streaming, and gaming.

How is wireless better than satellite?

With satellite internet, signal is sent from the satellite dish on your home to a satellite orbiting in the atmosphere. It then sends a signal to your modem and back through to the satellite dish connecting you to the internet. Data sent through satellite must transmit thousands of miles to reach its point making it much slower to get internet. 

Our wireless internet is from a wireless towers using point to point technology to get you signal. Data is sent straight from the tower to your home. Minimizing the travel time and making it much faster. 

Who will install my equipment?

Due to the complexity of the equipment required, we have a team of talented technicians who will come to your home or business and take care of all the hard work for you

My internet is down, what do I do?

First check your devices. You may just have a problem with the device you’re working on. Try turning your device on and off. 

Next reboot your router. Try toggling your router off, waiting a couple minutes, then turning it back on. A reboot will often fix a dropped connection. 

If none of these options worked, contact us through your customer account. Create and submit a service ticket and a technician will reach out to you shortly. Once we have restored your service or if a site visit is required, we will contact you. 

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